Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Tag Team

The 2008 presidential season is apparently upon us, aspirations will be run up the flagpole, paperwork for exploratory committee's will be formed, and without an incumbant in either major party, we could very well be looking at a free for all.

Will the democratic primary run be so bloody as to render the eventual democratic nominee impotent? Or will the republicans beat each other so bad, that no one really survives? And will the press even care, because a blonde college student has gone missing in eastern Kazahka? Well, I have no clue about any of this. The one thing I am planning on is to be in the thick of it in '07 working to elect a democratic candidate for State Assembly or State Senate, here in New Jersey (hopefully defeating an incumbant republican). All the while keeping in mind that my good friend TomWyka will be having a second go at challenging republican incumbant Rodney Frelinghuysen in New Jerseys 11th CD.

There is one other thing that I do know. That we, as human beings, as democrats, are capable of far better things than we have shown recently. I hold dear to me the idea, that as brothers and sisters, we will walk forward, holding the light of Social and economic justice, the light of civil rights, high for all to see. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said in the darkest days of the Great Republican Depression, “If we cannot do this one way, we will do it, another way. But do it, we will.

This very day there are 2 men, 2 names that bear national stature, who have stood for what is right, for what is better not worse, who export hope and not fear. I give you Al Gore, Wes Clark, and the germ of an idea.

There you are, having thanksgiving dinner with your family, when this racous noise interupts. Like Ghostbusters crashing your thanksgiving dinner..

CRASH . . Booom ... bang... the door bursts open... 2 men step thru..

Hi, I'm AL.......... & I'm Wes..

Al: "We're here today because we've been flipping out, over all the incompetent & evil things the Bush Crime Family has been doing."

Wes: "Thats right Al, you see folks , ever since I got out of the military I've been looking for something new to do."

Wes ducks into a broom closet... sticks his head out, & says to Al, " I found one", holding out a broom.

Al holds his hand out graciously and tells Wes: "Go ahead Wes, don't let me stop you....."

Wes starts sweeping the floor around the family dinning room table...
"Due to the evil & imcompetent plan for war in Iraq, we've ended up with such a horrible mess..".

Wes crouches down to look at the husband and addresses the husband eye to eye.

"Its not like we can just clean things up", Wes Stands erect, yanks off his tear away janitors overalls to reveal a military uniform. Martial music swells from the background, while a breeze gently tussles Wes's hair, Wes states to no one in particular, but to everyone...

"Its time to bring our kids back... from Iraq"...

An ackward silence ensues....

Al: "Ahh Wes..." Wes: "yes Al."

Al puts his hands on his hips, "Wes, how come you get a theme song & I don't ?"

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