Thursday, December 08, 2011

So you want fair taxes for the 1% ?

The US economic system used to be stable, banks didn't fail and jobs were created for those wishing to work.

A system that destroys 20 million jobs for over 3 years is broken. 
A system that cant keep its banks afloat is broken. 
A political system on auction to the highest bidder is broken. 
A system that steals our future is broken. 
A system that destroys families is broken. 
A system that increases income and wealth disparity is broken. 
A system that economically oppresses people is broken.

Whats fair is an economic system thats stable. 
Whats fair is to take the big money out of politics. 
Whats fair is tax policy that creates a stable economy. 
Whats fair is regulations like Glass Steagal that creates a stable banking community.
Whats fair is not stealing our future.


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