Friday, May 08, 2009

Polyell fusion gets Obama funding

A whole 2 million bucks. But thats to scale, EMC2 Fusion Corp built and tested WB-7 during 2008 under a 1.8 million dollar contract. During the winter of 2008-2009 some DOD funding paid for the building of a new Ion gun, and remounting the magnets in a way that increases efficiency. To be known as WB-7.1 And now in Obamas budget we see:

pdf page 166 see Domestic Energy Supply/Distribution.

Plasma Fusion (Polywell) Demonstrate fusion plasma confinement system for shore and shipboard applications; Joint OSD/USN project. 2.0 [million]

The Navy wants Polywell as a replacement for shipboard fission nukes, 100,000 to a million times less radioactive, and at as little as 30 ft across for an entire plant (1200MW) using the PB-11 reaction. And in some circles, folks relish the idea of a compact 1200MW to power some laser or something, but thats a whole nother diary or 2 or 3.

Dr Bussards developement of the Polywell started in the 1980's with DARPA funding, and has continued after Dr Bussards passing, most recently, Navy funding, the Office of Naval Research under Dr Nebel, .

Thermonuclear fusion, maybe even Polywell fusion, will give us the solar system. Mars is 38 days, Titan in 76, using Dr Bussards QED fusion rocket theory.

Dr Nebel:
Dr. Robert Bussard was very interested in using this fusion technique to power spaceships.

While here on Earth electrical generating capacity will be switched from Coal & Fission nukes to Bussard Fusion Reactors at 2-5 cents per kilowatt hour. Liquid fuels will again be cheap and abundant in 2050, because they wont be needed. Blast furnaces in orbit or on the Moon turning out sections/modules/hallways/bedrooms/offices/skeletons for orbital cities and Mooncities. Other nasty polluting industrial development can be done off planet, man can colonize the solar system and clean up our Mother Earth, and truly be a space faring race.

Back to the here and now, Dr Nebel says he is hoping to have a net energy production product within six years.

And heres a plug for my IEC Fusion for DUmmies video:


Chris said...

Similar things were said about the tokamac at UT-Austin.

And about pellets and lasers.

I hope you're right about this approach, but I'm betting that cold fusion (not in a snarky way, either) will be on line before high temperature fusion is.

M. Simon said...


I didn't know you had a blog.

Great stuff on Polywell!!

Roger said...

I've left it idle for a long time, figured a Polywell diary would be a good way to re kick it off.

brent said...

I would like to know which environmental group offered $3Million for this research. I would give them money...

Roger said...

Brent, Earthtrust, via DJ White.

The_Polywell_Guy said...

You can read about the Polywell here:

The_Polywell_Guy said...

You can read about the Polywell Here: