Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pelosi, while in Syria, encourages Syrian President to negotiate release of 15 sailors

While in Syria this Tuesday and Wednesday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, encouraging him to step into the diplomatic void and use his good standing to seek the release of 15 British sailors held by Iran. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem spoke to British PM Tony Blair on the phone Wedenesday, seeking to bring an end to the crisis.

Last Wednesday at the Arab summit conference in Saudi Arabia, Syrian president Bashar Al Assad spoke with the Iranian foreign minister Manuchehr Mottaki about the 15 British sailors.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad:

"This solution needs quiet diplomacy and Syria is now undertaking such quiet diplomacy between the two countries.

"We hope for a satisfactory solution that will lead to resolving the crisis of the British service personnel held captive in Iran."

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney assailed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday:

``It's a very bad idea to be carrying out a separate and independent foreign policy from the president of the United States,'' Romney added. ``I just don't know what got into her head, to be completely honest with you. I think it was a huge, huge mistake.''

Families of the 15 sailors have not yet commented on Mr. Romney's statement.

House Speaker Nanacy Pelosi then flew to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Abdullah.

Beaking news:
Crude Oil Drops on Release of U.K. Sailors

At last check, the May crude oil futures contract was down 63 cents, or 0.97 percent at $64.01 per barrel after tagging an intraday low of $63.08. On Tuesday, the price of crude shed two percent as traders began to unwind the risk premium built into prices during the crisis.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Iranian Diplomat Seized In Iraq Returns Home

An Iranian diplomat detained in Iraq for the last two months has been released, returning Tuesday to Iran. Jalal Sharafi, who was the second secretary of Iran's Embassy in Iraq, was abducted in Baghdad on Feb. 4.


Anonymous said...

Roger, this is excellent news well presented.

Here's a speculation: It seems to me that Pelosi is being 'set up' for success. Why?

That's what I asked myself. If the word is in on impeachment, then it would make sense to have Pelosi look good, particularly in foreign affairs, in order to allow the public an 'easy to dance to' transition.

Just speculating of course.

Michael Collins

Roger said...


Very interesting take, I hadn't thought it through to that point. Certainly a reasonable hypothesis.

IT also tends to match one I have. One I hope Xdell will chime in on soon.

X. Dell said...

Interesting thought. But I'm wondering if we see more Congressional foreign affairs initiatives because of the historic imbalance in favor of the Executive Branch of government. More important, when a Democrat is in the White House, will the Republicans resort to similar tactics (assuming they also take control of one or both houses).